Quest Complete: Hackerman Keeb

 So I was trying to figure out what our boy Hackerman was holding here:

It's a Microbee PC85, turns out.



Mystery solved!


Recommended Youtube Channel: Glarses

 Glarses' channel is about a year old.  Dude is not only extremely entertaining but also informative on the "keyboard enthusiast" hobby - aka "Keebtards" community.

Link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Glarses/videos

Here's a good example video from him.  I sincerely hope he continues to make frequent and consistent content, because I've already watched everything on his channel over the weekend.  Just thought I'd share with the world something I liked.

Here's his Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Glarses/


Great guide to keycaps profiles

 I really like keyboards. When you interact with a PC all day every day, I think it's important that your primary interaction with the thing bring you some joy.

This has, however, led to the following situation:

Every... damn... time.

I was cruising around trying to find the perfect retro keycaps and there's some confusion about exactly what they are technically called.  Basically, if you're only casually into keyboards, there's a giant alphabet soup of different design aspects and you need a guide to truly "get it".  I went looking for one today, found it, and figured you might desire to find it too.

Here's that guide:


Want more? Ok:


Want some keeb-porn? Alrighty. I normally loathe Pinterest but I'll make an exception for this one:


Also, look at the forums at Geekhack:



Destiny 2 - Garden of Frustration

 I chopped out a lot of failure, but did leave some in just so people don't get the notion that this is any sort of easy, or we're good at it.

I'm not a fan of FPS jumping puzzles.  Destiny has an unreasonable amount of this bullshit.  I try to do the bare minimum - I'm no parkour explorer and I don't even want to bother with the "hidden chests" puzzles.  If I wasn't with people who were leading me around, this would NEVER happen.

And we reach the final boss fight.... then proceed to fail it for an hour.  Good times.


Poolside FM

Oh my, what dis?



Diaclone: Somebody please make a video game franchise using this!

This would make an amazing video game franchise wouldn't it? Probably get it a LOT cheaper than Transformers, and omg the different mecha are amazing - especially the little power-armor dudes.

Cool video I found on Shogun Warriors

 I had some of these as a kid. Always wanted Raideen and Mazinger, but didn't get them. I had Gaiking, Godzilla, and Dragoon - plus some of the die cast ones. Sadly, lost to time.

Wow, Hasbro shipped that $575 Unicron


(Warning: I skipped the first 30 seconds in the embed below because this guy does the most obnoxious ear-smashing noise at the opening. You're welcome.)

Or if you only have 3 minutes...