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I set my laptop to start steam offline, but had multiple games I wanted to play stuck in “Update Paused” status because steam had detected an update but hadn’t begun to download them yet.

I spent a long while googling and all I could turn up was “You’re screwed”, “You have to go online and let it update, sorry” etc. Well, this is incorrect.

Here’s what you do to cancel the update and just play your game offline:

Browse to X:\steam\steamapps wherever your steam is installed.

You’ll see a bunch of appmanifest_######.acf files. Sort by modified date column. The programs that have pending update status will be the most recently modified ones.

Open them in a text editor, and on the “StateFlags” line change “6” to “4”. Save the file. Repeat for each game that has a 6 status.

Restart steam. Now all your games have any pending updates cleared. You’re welcome. 🙂

Example of file content:

"appid" "298050"
"Universe" "1"
"Master of Orion"
"StateFlags" "6" <--------- CHANGE ME
"Master of Orion"

Change that 6 to 4, and you’re done.