Plasma Arc Furnace Alchemy?

Watch this in this order:

These are timestamped to where something specific is said, so you don't need to watch the entire thing, just give each a couple of minutes and note what's stated.  Then move to the next link.

Timestamped for SAFIRE project arc plasma reactor synthesizing rare metal elements.

David Hudson talking about mass spectrometer synthesizing rare metal elements.

SAFIRE project generating 1400% heat output for the amount of input energy.

Hudson generating exponentially more heat than the amount of input energy.

2nd part of Hudson videos. In this, he had a lab take 99.99% pure yellow gold, and turn it into this white powder. Then spectral analysis determined it was "sodium and aluminum" not gold. This is consistent with the transmutation examples discussed in the videos leading up to this.

Finally, this video from Robert Sepehr which set this whole discovery process in motion. Just watch the whole thing.


The non-timestamped links to the other videos:

SAFIRE project reactor - https://youtu.be/ZBInhPFFVog

David Hudson - https://youtu.be/eSjGmrRBgt4 and https://youtu.be/YcGTsnwpKoE

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