Great guide to keycaps profiles

 I really like keyboards. When you interact with a PC all day every day, I think it's important that your primary interaction with the thing bring you some joy.

This has, however, led to the following situation:

Every... damn... time.

I was cruising around trying to find the perfect retro keycaps and there's some confusion about exactly what they are technically called.  Basically, if you're only casually into keyboards, there's a giant alphabet soup of different design aspects and you need a guide to truly "get it".  I went looking for one today, found it, and figured you might desire to find it too.

Here's that guide:


Want more? Ok:


Want some keeb-porn? Alrighty. I normally loathe Pinterest but I'll make an exception for this one:


Also, look at the forums at Geekhack:


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